The Most Popular Girls on the Internet


YouTube.  The glorious, mindless, educational, stupid, amazing, video streaming site.  From tutorials and how-to’s to boys falling down steps on their skateboards.  Whatever you want, you can find.  Over the years YouTube has spurred some pseudo celebrities, dance crazes, and plenty of memes.  The glorious thing about YouTube is anyone and everyone can create and post a video with the press of a button.

So, with billions of videos floating around the internet, how does one stand out?  By creating something original, engaging, and extra points for funny, that’s how.  It only takes one viewer to turn your video into a million time viewed wonder.  That’s where “The Most Popular Girls in School” has taken the reigns.  An R-rated web series about the crazy life of popular high school girls told through Barbies.  Yes, Barbies.  The Most Popular Girls in School (TMPGiS) quickly gained a following for its crude humor, crazy characters, and overall hilarious take on high school life in Overland Park, Kansas.

Created by Carlo Moss and Mark Cope, TMPGiS was originally a comedy skit written by Moss and intended to be acted out as a sketch with real live people.  Cope, wanting to expand his work with stop animation, came across Moss and his sketch at a comedy club. The two teamed up to create the idea of Barbies acting out Moss’ sketch and thus the new phenomena was born. Creating a bevy of characters and story lines, the one time sketch turned into a thirteen part mini series.

Not long after the first series of videos were created, websites such as Reddit and Tumblr stumbled upon TMPGiS.  The videos quickly spread through the internet and soon everyone was a fan, finding new things to do with the material.  The popularity of the videos spurred memes, homemade videos, fan art, and even mash ups between TMPGiS and Les Miserables.

With season 2 of TMPGiS right around the corner, the creators are looking to kick things up a notch.  By adding new characters, sets, and story lines, they will aim to build off the sudden popularity of the web series.

 The series has quickly become my favorite thing on YouTube right now.  It’s quotable and hilariously entertaining.  The characters and story lines are ridiculous and that’s what makes TMPGiS such a gem.  Make sure you catch up before season 2 starts: here! You don’t want to be the least popular girl (or boy) on the internet.


Dexter Morgan: Father, Blood Spatter Analyst, Part-Time Serial Killer

Dexter Morgan is arguably my favorite character on television.  He’s smart, cunning, scary, sarcastic, and of course, handsome.  “Born in blood” after his mothers brutal murder at the age of two, Dexter lost the ability to feel true human emotion.  His inability to empathize and sympathize turned him into a psychopath who’s thoughts revolved around violence and murder.  Met with two roads, Dexter’s adoptive father Harry made sure he lived by a code. A code that set the path for the entire series.  A code that gives Dexter the ability to hold real relationships, a job, and a “normal” life.

Who is Dexter Morgan though? Is he a hero, a villain, or both?  His code gives him limitations to the type of people he kills.  Murderers, true bad guys, who have slipped through the system.  People who we feel safer when they are off our streets.  But, he’s still a serial killer.  A man who finds no remorse in sticking a knife into someone’s chest and takes pride in watching their last breath slip away.  Of course there have been set backs.  Accidental kills of “innocent” people, his fight with morality when he decided to help end the life of a dear friend with terminal illness, and his all too real family whom he was unable to protect from his deep dark secret.

dexter2Dexter’s code and side job has left him with irreversible consequences.  Ones that he didn’t mean to cause.  We can argue that what Dexter does is a service to the city of Miami and the rest of the world.  We can also point out that what Dexter does has destroyed the lives of his father, sister, wife, children, many of those around him, and virtually everyone he develops a close relationship with.  Dexter constantly fights with himself over his own decisions but in the end chooses the one that will best suit his well being and what he truly feels will be best for the world.  He goes against his own work at the Miami Metro Police Department and lieutenant sister on a regular basis to seek out and end the lives of these deserving men and women.  Is it all for a greater cause though?

The beauty of Dexter is the anti-hero we have watched fall on and off the wagon during the past seven seasons.  Sometimes we don’t know whether we want to hug him or run from him and that’s what makes him Dexter Morgan.  A layered character that will constantly be battling with himself and trying to stay the protagonist at the same time.  Where will Dex end up in the final season of the beloved show? Can he survive and continue to live his double life? Or will the consequences prove too much for our seemingly strong and unbreakable character.

The Vampire Diaries: A Vampire Genocide


It’s been no secret that over the past three and a half seasons of The Vampire Diaries the line between good and evil has blurred to the point of no return.  No one character resides on either side of the line, often running back and forth in an exhausting race of morality and immorality.  Perhaps that’s why the show is so addicting, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats most episodes.  Perhaps it’s why the fandom is so passionate, constantly debating every decision made on the show.  What is the definition of right or wrong on The Vampire Diaries anymore?

In season 2 and into season 3, we were slowly introduced to the ‘Original’ family, the Mikaelsons.  Made up of matriarch and witch, Esther, patriarch Mikael and their children: Elijah, Finn, Klaus, Kol, and Rebekah (as well as two other children who died as humans).  To save her family from a werewolf lead feud 1,000 years ago, Esther used witch craft to turn her husband and children into vampires, making them the original family of vampires.  They are (debatably) stronger, faster, and are the only ones who can compel other vampires.  All vampires on The Vampire Diaries are part of a bloodline, with one member of the Mikaelson clan as the very beginning of the line.

In season 3 it was revealed that the one and only way to permanently kill an Original was to use a stake fashioned from an old White Oak tree.  Thinking that all remnants except for a bottle of ashes (and one last stake that was used on father Mikael by Klaus) of the White Oak were gone, the Originals were thought to be indestructible.  The only way to “kill” them was to temporarily put them down with a special dagger, using the ash from the tree.  History revealed that another tree did exist, its wood used to make the old Wickery Bridge located centrally in Mystic Falls.  Elena, Stefan, Damon, and the rest of the gang became hell bent on destroying “villain” Klaus and the rest of his family.

The gang succeeded in taking down Finn, the most detached of the Mikaelson family.  It was one down and four more to go.  But, it wasn’t so simple.  Killing Finn meant that his entire bloodline of vampires also died.  Who knows how many people were turned on behalf of Finn’s bloodline.  1,000 years of turning could have rendered tens of thousands of vampires.  All dead because of Finn’s death.  A vampire genocide.

Everyone seemed almost horrified by this information, given that it was hard to pin point which Original had spawned the vampire line of Stefan, Damon, Caroline, etc.  The gang made it their mission at the end of season 3 to find out who was at the head of their line.  They wanted to be able to safely eliminate any other Mikaelson family member without also killing themselves in the process.

Which is where season 4 has lead us to.  One stake still remains, an indestructible White Oak stake created by Esther with Alaric’s ring (the one that kept him alive even when killed at the hands of a supernatural creature), a stake that will permanently kill any Original and their entire bloodline.  In the end of last weeks episode, Elena came up with a master plan of her own.  To kill Kol Mikaelson, the youngest brother of the clan.  This would ensure that Kol, who had been wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls, would be put down for good.  Kol had compelled Damon to kill Jeremy and his death would mean the end to Damon’s compulsion.  But, instead of simply daggering Kol for a short period of time, Elena wanted Jeremy to kill Kol to grow Jeremy’s vampire hunters mark.  A mark only capable of growing when a vampire is killed at Jeremy’s hands, a mark that would lead the gang to finding a “cure” for vampirism.  A cure Elena and everyone else is so desperate to find.  Killing Kol would mean ending his bloodline of what was sure to be thousands and thousands of vampires deep.

To mine (and most of the fandom’s) dismay Elena and Jeremy succeeded.  Kol was killed.  Jeremy’s mark was completed.  What did Kol’s death spawn? Another vampire genocide.  One that Elena seemed not to think twice about.  Elena was looking out for herself and her brother.  Except there were other options.  Ones that wouldn’t have lead to the murdering of a countless number of vampires.  Who knows what kind of vampires were created at the hands of Kol and his progeny?  They could have been just as evil, killing without remorse.  Or, they could have been vampires just trying to blend in, do good, and lead a normal-ish life, just like the folks of Mystic Falls are trying to do.